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I contacted Ontario Pro Tint as I had read about the benefits of tinting my windows at my cottage.

We have a lot of windows and they are about 15 years old. With the cottage facing south and west the sun really heated it up to unbearable at times.

Also with no breeze on some days it was very hot inside. We even have air conditioning but it could not keep up.


I was hesitant to do it with a dark film as the cottage would look like it had very dark windows. Ryan recommended the clear view which was bit more but wow just like looking out of our regular windows.

The windows now block a lot of the heat coming in but not the sun or the view. The difference in heat transfer  is very noticeable. Another benefit is the way our cottage holds in heat in the dead of winter. That again has been very noticeable.

Ryan and his crew did an outstanding installation job and you cannot see any (I mean any) seams or signs there is actually a film on your window.


Great job, good price and it really works!



Best Regards,


Dave Duncan | President |

Just had the windows tinted at my business. Ontario Pro Tint did a fantastic job! Highly recommended for your tinting needs.

Mike Mcconeell, Owner/Crossfit Exhilerate

Had OPT come in today and install window tint on two pyramid windows in one of our living rooms which gets the south west sun. Very impressed with the customer service, cleanliness of the installer, and also the product. The glare has been removed almost to a zero. 

Spur of the moment there was some product left over, and we had asked if the installer would do another window for us on the spot, knowing he had to get going. (He had no problem saying yes). 

We are very happy with the product, and the installer.
100 percent recommend OPT!

- Derek Wilson

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